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Router Keeps Dropping Internet- Solution

Router Keeps Dropping Internet- Solution

With the advent of internet connectivity router has become an almost inevitable part of life. And if you own a Netgear router then be rest assured you have got one of the best marketable routers available. Normally Netgear routers are known for their ease of use however a very common situation faced with Netgear routers is when the Router keeps dropping internet and it gets annoying after a certain point of time. In case you are troubled with similar issues here are few troubleshooting hacks.Add paragraph text here.


For troubleshooting any issues it is always better to start by diagnosing the problem your router facing. The internet dropping error might be due to the following reasons:

  • Router unable to access Wi-Fi signals
  • The router maybe disconnected due to location
  • The router may not support the band provided by ISP
  • If an unauthorized device tries to access your router the router might get disconnected
  • Hardware problems.

Quick fixes

In case your Netgear router keeps disconnecting from internet here are few quick troubleshooting tips.

Common fixes

  • In case you are using high speed internet connection opt for a lower bandwidth
  • In case you have enabled security applications like address filtering or isolation of device from network, disable all of them
  • Keep the settings of router to mixed mode
  • Check your router’s firmware; in case it is corrupted or not up to date update it.
  • For avoiding Netgear Nighthawk keeps dropping Wi-Fi issues keep updating firmware time to time
  • Check whether the device drivers that are required for the the Netgear Extender Router Setup to run properly are installed or not.
  • Also these drivers needs to be in properly updated versions
  • Open device drivers page
  • Search for the latest drivers from list
  • Download
  • Install it on desktop
  • Now try using your router

Direct access

  • Turn off your wireless router
  • Now connect it to your computer using an Ethernet cable
  • Reboot your computer
  • Now turn on the router
  • Check for internet connection
  • In case you find no internet access try rebooting the router
  • If you are having any modem or additional devices attached to your router reboot them as well
  • Now turn on the devices
  • Check for internet connection not working
Different channel access 
  • In case the above given troubleshooting tips doesn’t work you may try to use a different channel to access Wi-Fi
  • This is particularly required when there are some sort of signal congestion
  • In case you are having any incompatible software that is hindering the Wi-Fi accessibility  uninstall that software
  • Install software compatible to your router
  • Also change the physical location of your router
  • Check the wireless settings
  • Once you open the wireless settings page
  • Try disabling settings one after another
  • Now select the correct Wi-Fi range for your router
In case none of the above given methods work, don’t waste time on further troubleshooting reach out to experts for help immediately.
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